Guidelines for Presenting Companies

Company Profile

Please provide us with a paragraph (6 to 8 lines) describing your company, and the does propecia work? main strategic issues you wish to guide buy advair inhaler discuss at the Forum.

Company name, when formed and wow)) by whom, what does the company do, who is it selling to, milestones achieved, your current and future growth plans and the main challenges facing you" Note: It is these challenges, strategic issues or burning questions that will lead to comment from the Expert Panel and the audience!

15 min Presentation

Slides should be either short sharp bullet points or very simple pictures.

Showing the tangible end product or a short demo will always aid understanding. The suggested content is:

  • Introduction – who you are, background, position in the company and what you hope to get from the Business Forum.
  • Your company's main products and services; your customers and the main characteristics and cheap generic levitra india click now opportunities of your markets. Emphasise your USP and added value, allowing you to give a small plug of your company.
  • Brief history of the company - when formed; by whom, key milestones achieved to date; the challenges you have overcome, funding, financial results etc.
  • The management team
  • Discuss the viagra professional 100 mg advice proposed way forward in the development of your company including financial targets and future funding requirements.. In doing so highlight 2 or 3 key strategic issues that are challenging the company, the more topical the better. These issues will lead to comment from your Expert Commentator and to questions and feedback from the Forum audience.
  • The final slide must show the 2 to 3 issues that you wish to discuss.


Please submit the presentation in MS Power Point format (.ppt) and keep it small in size for downloading purposes.

Individual laptops cannot be used, therefore please take this into account if you chose to use video / sound and please advise.

Please email your presentation to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to levitra levitra view it

Submission deadline: one week before the event.

Expert Panel

The Business Forum will have an expert panel of 3 or 4 experienced business people/investors who will help give constructive feedback on your presentation.

Please make sure you attend the event at 5.00 pm sharp on the wow)) evening so that there is an opportunity for the expert panel members to meet you and ask you questions before the main event starts.


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